Avoid Paying Out of Pocket Home Repairs

Here's How Clever Homeowners Never Pay Out of Pocket For Home Repairs...

Most homeowners are shocked when something in the house breaks down, only to find out that their home insurance does not cover it. As a result, these homeowners are left holding a very expensive repair bill or the need to buy an entire replacement. These incidents can cost homeowners thousands of dollars for common household appliances and more, and tend to happen at the worst of times.

Even worse, these non-covered items tend to be the most expensive and most commonly broken down. It's shocking that insurance companies get away with not paying out for these claims, despite charging high premiums.

Savvy homeowners have caught on and figured out this loophole with this inexpensive home warranty program. This warranty program ensures you have peace of mind — allowing you to never have to pay out of pocket for covered repairs or replacements again, and it's cheaper than home insurance.

There's nothing worse than having your heater go out in the dead of winter, or the AC in the middle of a scorching summer. It's also never fun to suddenly find yourself having to come up with hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair a leaky roof, broken hot water heater, stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher — all things that can now be covered by this amazing home warranty program.

How Much Is It?

Less than you think... And getting a quote is free and simple, best of all, it can be done online by clicking here. Coverage starts for around $1/day, which can save thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses when the inevitable happens!

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